23 May 2022

YMCA Brighton’s Move On Fair took place on a sunny day in May at YMCA Brighton’s iconic building in the Old Steine.

18 stall holders were present, representing 10 flagship providers of supported housing, move on and life skills services in the city. YAC, YMCA Downslink, YMCA Brighton’s EVOLVE and Life Skills Centre, Grace Eyre, Southdown Housing Transition and Resettlement, CGL, BHCC Direct Lets, BHCC move on co-ordinator, YMCA Brighton’s low support projects- Stanley Court, Leslie Best House, Fred Emery Court, George William’s Mews, Equinox women’s project, Safe Haven, BHCC Seniors housing, Emmaus, all had the opportunity to showcase their services and answer questions around move on, volunteering and employment opportunities to all interested. The Fair was successfully attended by 25 supported housing clients.

The fair was championed by present and former YMCA clients. 3 former YMCA Brighton clients who have now moved on attended the fair and offered their own insight, talked about their experiences with move on and offered advice. They also spoke very appreciatively about their experiences at YMCA. YMCA Brighton client representatives Adam, Brenda and John offered support throughout the event. Brenda baked a beautiful, personalised and delicious cake.


The clients, both former and present, thoroughly enjoyed the day and stayed on for longer than they had anticipated. Here are some thoughts about the day, in their own words: ‘It’s been a great day. I managed to speak to a lot of residents and if my experience can help someone else a little further along the way, then that’s my mission done.’

(Former client, invited to share experience of move on)

‘I could see the staff were grateful of our support and help at the event. I am ready to support the next move on fair.’ (Brenda, client representative)

YMCA Brighton staff and service representatives saw the fair as a real success and a great opportunity to be networking face-to-face once more. Ren Gordon, Community Manager at Emmaus said:  “Thank you so much for arranging this great fayre. Sussex Emmaus found it amazingly useful. You made the visit so easy for us providing a table and a light buffet. The venue is beautiful too.  All the staff were very welcoming and helpful. The badge idea was fab!’

 “It was great networking again, and seeing so many familiar faces!  I had forgotten what that was like!” said Vicky Mcfarlane from CGL.

‘We at YMCAB felt there was a great atmosphere and buzz in the room, it created a fantastic opportunity for both workers and clients to glean valuable information around housing options and all the other aspects involved with Move On.’ said Julia from YMCA Brighton.