7 July 2022

Thank you Brighton Soup for giving us a platform to talk about our Gardening for Recovery project which will have a positive impact on over 100 people. Stacey, who lives at Leslie Best House and support team Ruby and Tara pitched at Brighton Soup to a very supportive group of people. Competition was high, and we loved learning about the amazing work of Mouselcomb Community Market, Harriet’s Press and Brighton Yoga Foundation.

Though we didn’t win the main prize, we were bowled over by the generous offers of help from the audience. It was a great night and the soup and music were spot on!

Here’s  a little more about the GARDENS OF RECOVERY – the project we pitched for. Offers of help are warmly received.

We hope to refurbish each courtyard into client-led, therapeutic, recovery gardens, where clients in recovery can reduce their isolation, improve their wellbeing, share and develop gardening skills, and engage in a fulfilling activity with tangible produce – which they can then develop their cooking with.

The William Collier Women’s, Men’s, Recovery, and Art Groups would also like to work together to paint a memorial wall to remember those who have been lost to addiction.

By working together with clients to create greener spaces where they feel safe, they can engage in healthy activities, share skills for life, and build a sense of community.


With £400 we could invest in gardening tools, equipment, and supplies for the mural (seeds, bulbs, raised planters, outdoor paint, etc).

£600 would mean we could invest in new outdoor furniture so the space could be a centre for clients to relax and recover in fresh air.

If we were to receive £800 we could truly make the spaces a haven for recovery, with better quality seating, a BBQ space, and a greater variety of beds to grow plants in.