40 North Road

Tel: 01273 675678
Email: generalenquiries@brightonymca.co.uk

About the project

We offer supported housing to 96 people in one block consisting of furnished 2 bedroom shared flats.
There are four single rooms accessible for people with mobility impairments.

How can I get a place here?

All referrals are made through Brighton and Hove City Council. More information on how to access housing. We are unable to offer permanent accommodation. Our housing is aimed at helping you prepare for a move to greater independence.


We provide support, advice and a safe environment 24 hours a day. You will be assigned a key worker who will support you on a one-to-one basis to increase your ability to sustain independent housing. We work with a variety of support agencies, specialised in addressing the difficulties you might face.


At William Collier House you can benefit from a range of opportunities:

  • Innovative Peer-Led schemes, such as our resident-led Coffee Bar and our gardening group.
  • Our volunteering scheme gives you an opportunity to be involved in the project, while gaining useful skills.
  • Attend our Wellbeing days to hear about alternative therapies, different exercise routines and healthy meal recipes as well as seasonal health and wellbeing classes.
  • Inquire with your keyworker to find out about other groups, art session and work and learning drop-ins which we provide seasonally.
  • You can work alongside specialist nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to address your health needs.