George Williams Centre
8 George Williams Mews
Portslade, Brighton
BN41 2AF

Tel: 01273 420808

About the project

We offer supported housing and life skills training to 89 people, over 5 shared houses, two blocs of flats and a LASER registered life skills centre.

There are 5 accessible en-suite rooms and 24 self-contained flats for people with mobility impairments.

How can I get a place here?

All referrals are made through Brighton and Hove City Council. More information on how to access housing. When applying for housing at the Council, you can indicate that you would like to move to George Williams Mews and explain why and they will do their best to send you over to us.

We are unable to offer permanent accommodation. This accommodation is aimed at helping you get ready for moving to greater independence within a period of two years.

Our support staff provide support, advice and a safe environment 24 hours a day. You will be assigned a key worker who will support you in identifying and achieving goals to help you move into independent housing.


Everyone living at George Williams Centre can benefit from a range of facilities:

  • The IT suite provides access to computers for individual use and training purposes
  • The Art and Music room provides an opportunity for all creative people to rehearse their skills. To see some examples of our work, please follow this link.
  • The on-site kitchen and cooking facilities are essential to the LASER training course.
  • George Williams Centre has a beautiful garden which won three consecutive awards. Here you can opt to attend the gardening course or volunteer alongside the gardener.

These are some examples of regular activities you will find at George Williams Mews:

  • Inquire with your keyworker on the days these groups take place and how to access them: Recovery Meetings – open to those who have or have had a history of substance use, Breakfast Club, Games’ Night.
  • Move on Fair: generally held in the autumn, it promotes the idea of move on. Attended by important support providers in the City, such as: the Council (both supported and sheltered housing) and the Start Project and MACS (Money Advice). Our staff provide specialised services throughout the day, such as registering clients on Homemove, advising on accommodation websites and financial help. Open to all YMCA Brighton clients.
  • Our volunteering scheme gives you an opportunity to be involved in the project, while gaining useful skills.