What is Client Involvement?

Client Involvement is about making sure the people who use our service are at the heart of everything.

Clients are experts because of their experiences – they know what works and what doesn’t.

So our staff and clients work together to design and run YMCA Brighton.

How do clients get involved?

Clients have a real influence in the way we run – whether it be through ‘having a say’ or being a part of the delivery of services.

  • ‘Having a say’ might be attending a residents’ meeting or focus group, reviewing policy and practice, speaking to a Client Representative, or feeding back with suggestions or through surveys.
  • Clients might take part in running YMCA Brighton by volunteering with us as a Client Representative and collaborating with board members, leading the Breakfast Club or Gardening Group, or running pop up skills-sharing events.
Clevedon YMCA - 16th Oct 2019

Why does it matter?

In valuing clients’ voices and empowering them to be a part of decision-making, clients can develop their skills and confidence.

Also, we get the opinions and ideas of those who know our service most, the people who are experts by experience!

Meaningful client involvement ensures that YMCA Brighton runs well for the people who use the service.

‘Rather than things being done to me or for me, or being told about decisions, I want to be a part of it, a part of the decisions, doing things in partnership with other people.

That’s better for me, my skills and confidence, and it’s better for whatever I’m involved in as well to have my perspective.’


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