We believe that a focus on emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle.

When designing our services and supporting our clients, we create opportunities to actively nurture these areas of wellbeing.

We focus on:

  • meeting all physical needs through services within YMCA and across the city, by encouraging movement, healthy eating and adequate sleep, addressing drug and alcohol use
  • providing and signposting to you services that meet mental and emotional needs
  • contributing to society and community, encouraging connection to people who are in tune with your own values and who will nurture and accept you as you grow

Wellbeing Culture at YMCA Brighton:

Coming on World Mental Health Day, our brand new campaign – Small Talks, Big Difference.Our vision is to empower our staff and clients to be more open towards informally supporting each other.  By making small changes to the way we communicate with others, we can make a big difference to how that person is feeling.

It is generally difficult to discuss mental health, and via this campaign, we aim to introduce mental health discussions in our day-to-day relationships. By peeling away at the layers of silence, we can become more open about our mental health. CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT HOW YOU CAN TAKE PART.