Building a community through art

The Steine House Art Group, led by Linda, was born on14th February 2019.

Our weekly sessions run on Thursdays 2pm-4pm. With our summer now here it will be nice to take a few outings with clipboards, sketchpads and pencils. We had one visit out to Hobby Craft to see all the different hobbies and art materials all under one roof. There are also a couple of other places that I like to purchase my art materials that we could also visit.

Our weekly sessions are going well. The artists generally like to use the materials in their own ways which makes the group very relaxed. It is working well as a result of the relaxed art space, with chat, tea, and coffee, and biscuits on top. We have built up a good stock of art materials, my artists often state that they feel so lucky to have all the materials to use. Art materials have grown with members bringing in their own art material donations. The art is very colourful, they all have a good eye for colour. The walls are looking fantastic with very little wall now showing.

A good selection of my artists’ work was selected and displayed at George Williams Mews at their Open House Art Exhibition this May. My artists felt proud to be entering their work in to an exhibition with our group running so newly of just 3 months. I was also very proud to see their work displayed alongside art work from all other YMCA units, coming together as one. So many different types of art work made an explosion of colour.

I think next I would like to try a morning once a week to cook with Steine House residents and to lay a table and enjoy lunch together.

Fantastic work by fantastic artists of Steine House.

Keep up the good work, your friend,



*Photo and name changed to protect the client’s identity