Hi, I’m Sarah Law and I am the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead and Service Analyst at YMCA Brighton.

What does your job entail?

EDI Lead: We are required by law to have due regard to eliminate discrimination, advance equality or opportunity and foster good relations. It is my role to work alongside the Head Office Stratedgy Team and our Executive Leaders to ensure that as an organisation we not only comply with our legislative duties, but we also address all areas of EDI in the broadest sense.

To do this we commit to:

  •  React to the diverse needs of people.
  •  Anticipates and welcome diversity.
  • Ensure our culture and community is positive, inclusive, and proactive.
  • Value and respect all people.
  • Remove and challenge systematic barriers.

Service Analyst: In this role I am required to work alongside the Head Office Strategy Team, Executive Leaders, and Management to collate data which will help monitor the organisations performance and ensure we are meeting our aims and targets. I also evaluate data with the aim of improving service delivery and informing decision making.

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