Kerry Holgate, Service Improvement Officer

What does your job entail?

Very broadly, my role includes:

  • Reviewing and improving a range of policies and procedures (both internal and external) and supporting projects to embed them;
  • Reviewing/auditing specific areas of service delivery and report on areas for improvement, as well as areas that work well.
  • Assist with contract monitoring requirements (both compliance and monitoring);
  • Tender applications
  • Attend multi-agency meetings and working groups across the city
  • Provide a wide range of operational support to managers as needed

Main areas of work that I’m directly involved in include:

  • Work and Learning provision
  • Bthink
  • Support Intervention Protocol
  • Warnings and Evictions, including preventing housing loss
  • Antisocial Behaviour and Hate Incidents
  • Regulatory Standards
  • Contract monitoring

What do you enjoy most in your job?

Meeting and collaborating with colleagues and clients to improve our services. The chance to be creative and bring about innovative and new ideas.

How did you decide to work at the YMCA?

I’d left University and wanted a change in job – I wanted to do something that helped people. Someone I knew was working at Steine house and told me about a receptionist job that was available, so I applied!

In three words, what does your job entail?

Collaboration, initiative, support

What is the biggest challenge in your position?

There is a lot of reading involved which can take up a good chunk of time! My origins at YMCA Brighton involved many years providing frontline support, so much of my time was spent doing a lot of active stuff like client and building checks, running groups, dealing with enquiries, meeting clients etc, so there wasn’t much time to read documents. I have to remind myself that its ok and important to take the time to read and research!

How to contact you:

Mobile 07884974091Email: