Hi, my name is Anna and I currently provide support and supervision to the several YMCA Brighton project management teams. I’ve worked for the YMCA since 2006, with a few long breaks to travel to India. Before my current post I’ve been a Project Worker, Senior Project Worker, Deputy Manager and Manager at three different projects.

What do you enjoy most about your work at the YMCA?

Ever since the beginning of my employment with the YMCA, I’ve enjoyed witnessing and being part of change. While in my first years I was mainly focused on the clients’ path towards change and independence, most recently, and particularly since I became a manager, I’ve really enjoyed supporting the staff on their own individual journeys. I like being there and seeing the changes and evolution that staff teams go through when someone new joins in. I find it very exciting to see what each individual brings to the team and how teams change with every new set of skills, experiences and values.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the commitment shown by all the teams during the pandemic. While I can see the impact the last year and a half have had on everyone, I must say the time and support offered to clients during this time has been outstanding and a true example of commitment and dedication.


Get in touch: anna.amado@brightonymca.co.uk