Hi I’m Alex Cuncev. I’m the Media and Communications Manager at YMCA Brighton.

This means that I co-ordinate how we as an organisation communicate our message to the community, the YMCA federation and the city. My job is varied. It covers strengthening our relationship with the press, planning our communications and marketing strategy, overseeing our social media, co-ordinating our internal newsletter – The LINK, managing and marketing for our on-going fundraising campaigns and leading and co-ordinating awareness campaigns throughout the year. A big focus of my role over the last year has been adopting the YMCA brand; this entailed not only large scale adoption of the YMCA visual standards, but also in-depth focus on making sure our messages are aligned to the wider YMCA values. Working with the brand has been joyful, as, like with any change, it helped us analyse what we could do better and celebrate what we excel at.


In three words, what does your job entail?

Though a fast-paced role, I am very lucky to experience a lot of joy from the work I do. In three words, working for YMCA Brighton involves: variety, creativity and awe (at the work that we as an organisation, achieve).


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I love being reminded that there is a lot of hope and willingness to help and to do better. The effort that our staff put towards helping others often goes beyond what is expected of them and it is often tested, so much more than in other industries. This is what keeps me going.


How to get in touch: Alexandra.cuncev@brightonymca.co.uk