Hélène Begg
Chief Executive Officer
Hélène is originally from France and moved to the UK in 2000. Her first job post university was a project worker role at YMCA Brighton at George Williams Mews. Hélène then went on to become a Senior project worker at Steine House and joined the William Collier House management team in 2007 where she worked for 10 years. She left the organisation in 2017 for a senior leadership role in Health and Social Care where she continued to develop accessible services for marginalised populations. 
Hélène feels privileged to have re-joined YMCA Brighton in January 2023 as the Head of Housing and Community Services to support the organisation on its transformational journey, and from November 2023 YMCA Brighton were fortunate to appoint Hélène as our CEO. You can get in touch with Hélène on helene.begg@brightonymca.co.uk
Elaine Madden
Head of Central Services

Elaine was appointed as Head of Central Services in May 2021 following more than 20 years of central service experience within YMCA Brighton.  Elaine also holds the role of Company Secretary and oversees a number of areas including the functions HR, Property Services and Communications.

Following recent changes to the leadership team Elaine is excited to be part of the journey to strengthen YMCA Brighton's foundations to continue to flourish and support the organisation.  You can get in touch with Elaine on elaine.madden@brightonymca.co.uk

Natasha Hooper
Lead Service Development Manager

Natasha joined YMCA Brighton as a project worker at George Williams Mews in 2003 - progressing to senior project worker, then Deputy Manager until moving to a Manager role at William Collier House and Steine House (formally a 62-bed project) in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

In 2010, Natasha joined the Central Office and went on to become a part of the senior management team in 2014 overseeing policy, compliance and quality monitoring. Looking forward, Natasha is enthusiastic to be a part of a strong Leadership Team, driving the strategy and upholding the organisation’s mission and values. You can get in touch with Natasha on Natasha.hooper@brightonymca.co.uk