A person has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment if the person is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex.

The Equality Act 2010 says that a person must not be discriminated against because their gender identity is different from the sex assigned to them when they were born.

To be protected from gender reassignment discrimination, you do not need to have undergone any specific treatment or surgery to change from your birth sex to your preferred gender. Physiological changes or changing other gender attributes is considered part of a personal process for reassigning gender.


Recently, people are choosing to add pronouns to their biography/ email signature. Here are some reasons why:

  • It allows everyone to be clear on how they want to be addressed and helps everyone feel included and respected
  • It acknowledges that someone’s pronouns aren’t assumed and shows support to the trans and non-binary community
  • It encourages people to think about their own gender
  • It is a way to show people that you are serious about being an ally
  • It ensures that people get pronouns right! 🙂

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