Manifesto for the Neurodivergent and Differently Abled

The hilarious and heart-breaking thing about many of us with our different brains is…all our waking hours, minutes, seconds are taken up with trying to pass ourselves off as ordinary…in order to be left in as much peace as possible in a ‘predominantly’ ordinary culture. Whereas Neurotypicals spend their time (many of them) faking mediocre as being extraordinary and unique, while really all being fairly similar to each other…because they can’t step too far out of the pack!… So, what if, we just ran with it (or rolled with it…depending)? What would happen if we acknowledged some of the things we get told we’re no good at/good for, are things we actually want nothing to do with anyway…we only think we should do them because human made daily life tells us we must, but what if we put our best foot/hand/wheel (whatever our physicality) forward and decide to try to give ourselves to our passion, and keep reminding ourselves the ‘doubters’ and questioners might be wrong…or their scepticism comes from themselves and is not actually about us…they’re just projecting their own limitations on us, while needing to clip our wings, psychologically -speaking…because of their own inadequacy! What would the world feel like for us if we turned to each other for support/feedback and believed the positive feedback we received about ourselves and our abilities? I find myself increasingly these days using a particular bible quote (I’m not religious…nor am I judging it though) when dealing with particularly heavy-handed inconsiderate non-compassionate individuals…’forgive them, they know not what they do’…you’d be surprised how often it’s applicable (then I avoid them like the plague…but that’s just me)

Sarah S #actuallyautistic