YMCA Brighton is a registered charity supporting the local people of Brighton and Hove to belong, contribute and thrive, in a consistent effort to reduce homelessness and increase wellbeing.

Who we help

We house single men and women with a diverse range of needs, supporting them to increase their wellbeing, gain skills and maximise their confidence so they can go on to live independent and fulfilling lives. We do this through a range of services:

  • accommodation and support to help vulnerable people move towards independent living
  • training programmes
  • volunteering opportunities
  • work and learning facilities

Committed to excellence

Since 1871, we have provided excellent services to people with complex needs in the city. Over the years, we have proved that we can adapt and grow in line with the needs of the community, providing a consistent supply of high quality housing and effective support.

We are proud to be affiliated to the national and international YMCA Movement, who provide us with advice, support and representation.